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Merkur Group Alliances

Merkur Group maintains alliances with many leading applications vendors, complementary technology partners, and consulting partners to enhance the usability of our solutions and ensure a successful implementation within your organization. These alliances range from technically certified solutions with other providers to referral partnerships with solution providers and consultants in similar markets.

PeopleSoft Alliance Partner with solutions available for PeopleSoft and Enterprise One with many customer successes.


Partner member of the Oracle Partner Network with many E-Business Suite customer successes.

Merkur Group provides solutions that are SAP certified and has many SAP customer successes.
Certified Solution Partner with fax and messaging integrations for Exchange and Outlook.
Lotus Business Partner with fax and messaging integrations for Lotus Notes.
Merkur Group is an Esker certified partner.
Merkur Group is a ReadSoft certified partner. 
Brooktrout certified partner and reseller of TruFax, TR114, and TR1034 intelligent fax boards.
Consulting Partners and Services Groups



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