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“The reason we chose Merkur Group in the end was the excellent reputation of its support organization.

This type of solution was all new to us, and in the middle of a Baan implementation, we didn’t want to have to worry about anything.“

- Precise Technology

Baan Document Automation Solutions Overview

Merkur Group has successfully enabled many Baan users to automate document intensive processes.  Produce, send, receive, store, and process electronic documents effectively and efficiently with Merkur solutions. 

Merkur Group provide Baan users with solutions that greatly enhance electronic business communications by automating the process of producing, sending, receiving, and storing electronic business documents.  Standard Baan documents such as purchase orders, invoices, and statements can be automatically customized, faxed, e-delivered, and converted into other formats, including XML, EDI, HTML, and PDF.

DeliveryWare is integrated with Baan IV and Baan ERP and ready for implementation without extensive modification to core business processes or Baan  software.  Complete with integrated Crystal Reports for document formatting, optional Baan interfaces for document delivery related workflow, and industry leading fax and e-Document delivery capabilities, they can significantly streamline business processes.

Merkur Group's Baan solutions allow you to:
  • improve document-based process efficiency by automating the production, delivery, and management of Baan documents and reports

  • fax, email, and Web deliver documents such as purchase orders, invoices, and sales order acknowledgements directly from Baan

  • reformat Baan output to produce professional looking business documents such as invoices, POs, statements, etc.

  • receive notification that your fax, email, or Web document was delivered

  • provide secure Web-based access to Baan documents to customers, suppliers, and users

  • convert Baan documents to EDI and XML variants for delivery to trading partners 

  • easily manage and confirm delivered documents

  • receive and automatically process incoming faxes or deliver directly to any email inbox including Outlook and Notes
  • Merkur solutions automate Baan document delivery which results in process efficiencies and cost savings

    Duro Industries uses Merkur solutions integrated with Baan IV to automatically format, print, and fax purchase orders and invoices.


    Flextronics International uses Merkur solutions to automatically format, fax and email purchase orders, invoices, and RFQs directly from Baan ERP.


    Plastiflex uses Merkur solutions to automatically fax and email purchase orders sent directly from Baan IV.


    Precise Technology uses Merkur solutions to automate invoice formatting and delivery from Baan IV.

    You're in good company when you trust Merkur Group with your document process automation needs. Here are a few Baan users who have:
  • Applied Extrusion Technology
  • Benchmark Electronics
  • Cherrydale Farms
  • Comau-Pico
  • Dictaphone
  • Flextronics International
  • Grove Worldwide
  • Hitachi Heavy Equipment
  • Invensys Building Systems
  • Juno Lighting
  • Phillips Semiconductor
  • Precise Technology
  • Sensormatic Electronics
  • Siemens PTD
  • SPX Corporation
  • Integration and Services

    Merkur Group can help you unlock the power of Merkur solutions by providing seamless integration into Baan along with comprehensive professional services, including installation, integration, training, and customization.
    Contact Merkur Group today to learn more about streamlining document-intensive processes and to discuss your specific needs.