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Customer Comments
"From a technical standpoint, our customer service has been excellent. The installation went smoothly and we have been extremely pleased." - Canon Business Solutions
“Merkur Group is a certified vendor with PeopleSoft with hundreds of satisfied customers…the choice was fairly easy.”
- Children’s Hospital Boston
"Using this solution has not only benefited Detroit Public Schools by providing 24/7 real-time delivery of Purchase Orders to its suppliers, it has also reduced the delivery time for delivery of goods and services to its schools and departments, virtually eliminated “lost” Purchase Orders previously printed and sent by mail, and eliminated the labor cost plus the operating costs for paper, printing, mailing envelopes and postage for Purchase Orders previously sent by mail." - Detroit Public Schools
“DeliveryWare is an extremely versatile, scalable product that we believe is capable of handling all of our enterprise e-document delivery needs. The product, combined with Merkur Group's expertise, provides us with a huge advantage as we move forward.”  - - Dynea
“Furthermore, its ease of implementation, consistent operation, and end user query tools surpassed that of the competition. We selected it as the clear winner and began using it internally almost immediately.” - PeopleSoft, Inc.
“We knew we needed to replace our fax functionality and we wanted a product tightly integrated with Baan. The fact that there are many live Merkur-Baan implementations was a key factor in our decision.”
- Applied Extrusion Technologies
“The reason we chose Merkur Group in the end was the excellent reputation of its support organization. This type of solution was all new to us, and in the middle of an ERP implementation, we didn’t want to have to worry about anything.“ - Precise Technology
“With Merkur, the integration work was done for us - we didn’t have to try to become system integrators. For this reason and many others, we chose Merkur.” - Sylvan Learning Systems
"Merkur Group provided us with the best customer service I have encountered."  - Flextronics International
“Merkur Group had Merkur up and running with SAP in a day.”
- AT&T Canada