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DeliveryWare Data Interchange 

DeliveryWare allows virtually any data to be mapped to an alternative format. The data can be captured from images, database queries, text, EDI, XML, or proprietary and formatted into another document or data type (i.e. EDI to XML), or converted to another file type. Captured data can also be inserted into databases with DeliveryWare's SQL Connector.

Use DeliveryWare data interchange for:
  • Capturing existing text data (i.e. PO or ASN) and converting to trading partner's preferred data type

  • Mapping XML and EDI data into formatted documents

  • Mapping XML to EDI and vise versa 

  • Extracting data from images for mapping to XML for indexing or back-office data uploads or other document management systems

  • The DeliveryWare Rules Designer is used to map captured data fields and format into other data types such as XML in the example above. 

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