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Intelligent Document Delivery & Document Process Automation

DeliveryWare is a strategic document and information exchange solution that revolutionizes document-based process automation and business communications. DeliveryWare automates the exchange of critical business documents between customers, business partners, and suppliers regardless of source, format, or destination.  More capable and easier to manage than a single point solution such as fax software, a fax server, workflow, imaging, archiving, document formatting, DeliveryWare combines them all and more in a single platform to streamline the exchange of your business-critical communications. DeliveryWare redefines document delivery.

DeliveryWare can automate virtually any document-based process by allowing enterprises to seamlessly, capture, customize, transform, route, and deliver data and documents from any source to any destination.  Inbound documents such as faxes, emails, and scanned documents are also seamlessly captured and processed making DeliveryWare a single solution with centralized management for all of your electronic business communication needs.


DeliveryWare takes any system output and documents (text, XML, EDI, PCL, Postscript, PDF, TIFF) and captures, formats if needed, and transforms it based on recipient need, and delivers it to multiple channels.

Received documents such as faxes, emails, and scan documents are captured, routed through workflow, delivered to internal recipients, and archived.

All With ONE Platform - DeliveryWare Allows You to:
  • save money and streamline business processes by automating document delivery, receipt, workflow, and storage instead of manual processes.

  • leverage and simplify existing IT infrastructure by using a single, scaleable, tightly integrated platform that would take several solutions from multiple vendors to achieve.

  • automate the delivery of documents such as purchase orders, order acknowledgments, and invoices and greatly enhance document exchange with customers and suppliers.

  • intelligently route incoming faxes, emails, and scanned documents directly to any email inbox, archive, and workflow.

  • capture and process information from faxes and scan images and any business application output (text, XML, PCL, PostScript, PDF) from any system (Windows Server 2000/2003, UNIX, Linux, Mainframe, AS/400) using DeliveryWare's exclusive Rules Designer.

  • customize existing documents and reports using DeliveryWare formatting, overlays, or using integrated Crystal Reports (included with DeliveryWare).

  • transform documents and data into any electronic format — XML, EDI, text, HTML, email, PDF, print, fax, or SMS message.

  • distribute documents and data to any recipient via print, fax, email, web publish, WebDelivery portal, EDI and XML.

  • provide multi-channel delivery, receipt, and workflow capabilities for ERP, SCM, and CRM applications such as Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, Baan, or any business application. 
  • You're in good company when you trust Merkur Group with your document automation needs. 
    Here are a few companies that have.

    Cincinnati Bell uses DeliveryWare to automatically receive, route and approve contracts and deliver purchase orders via fax and email.
    Canon Business Solutions uses Merkur DeliveryWare to automatically fax personalized request for meter reading forms to 3,000 customers daily.
    Hilton Hotels uses Merkur DeliveryWare to automate purchase order and invoice delivery.
    Eli Lilly uses Merkur DeliveryWare to automate purchase order and invoice delivery.
    McKesson Automated Prescription Systems uses DeliveryWare to send, receive, process, and store thousands of daily prescription transaction related documents.
    Oakwood Healthcare System uses Merkur DeliveryWare to automate purchase order and RFQ delivery.
    The Ohio State University uses Merkur DeliveryWare to automatically fax, email, and manage purchase orders.
    Any Information, Any Time, Anywhere

    Today's business world requires the ability to deliver information to suppliers and customers anywhere, anytime, in any volume, and in the growing collection of formats and delivery technologies that enterprises maintain. Merkur Group offers DeliveryWare and a full range of supportive services to help our customers meet this need.

    Seamless Integration Made Easy

    DeliveryWare employs the DeliveryWare Rules Engine. It enables DeliveryWare to streamline document/message processing for faster delivery; deliver information in any preferred format; and create and deliver multiple document/message types from a single data source. The Rules Engine's ability to recognize text files, host print streams, and document output eliminates the need to modify application level code, which can be costly and risky.

    Integration and Services

    Merkur Group helps you unlock the power of DeliveryWare by providing seamless integration into any application. Merkur Group also offers specific integrations into  Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, Baan, and other environments along with comprehensive professional services, including installation, integration, training, and customization. Let Merkur Group deliver the convenience, speed, and reliability of fax automation and e-Document delivery of mission critical documents, seamlessly integrated with your business applications.

    Contact Merkur Group today to learn more about streamlining document-intensive processes and to discuss your specific needs.