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DeliveryWare Document Formatting 

DeliveryWare automates multi-format document delivery by means of a unique intelligence technology called DeliveryWare Rules. DeliveryWare Rules recognizes text, XML, or print-stream data from any enterprise application. Based on this recognition, it automates document addressing, formatting, and delivery. Rules are created within the easy-to-use graphical DeliveryWare Rules Designer. Companies use DeliveryWare's formatting capabilities to format and deliver purchase orders, invoices, supplier and customer letters, check printing, and report formatting.

Document Formatting and Delivery Made Easy 

The sequence of DeliveryWare Rules and Designer screen shots shown below (click to enlarge) show how DeliveryWare is capable of integrating with any business application output. Unlike other integrations where special modifications are required to your reports, DeliveryWare Rules make it simple to capture, format, transform, and deliver your business critical documents.

In the Routing screen the user identifies data elements on the input document and assigns names to them as shown under the User Field branch.

In the formatting step, the data elements captured are automatically made available to integrated Crystal Reports (included).

DeliveryWare Rules extracts data, reformats and intelligently delivers your document within a single tool.

Based on document content, DeliveryWare Rules automatically:
  • recognizes the document type 

  • identifies the recipient

  • uses document or data content and/or accesses any LDAP or ODBC database to retrieve appropriate destination information – email or IP address, fax or mobile phone number, URL, or street address

  • converts the documents into the delivery-appropriate format

  • applies formatting styles to transform application data into appealing e-documents

  • delivers documents via any delivery transport (email, web, fax, print, or wireless message) based on recipient preferences

  • routes documents to their destination using:
    • recipient-defined preferences (email, web, fax, print, or wireless message)
    • delivery-appropriate format (HTML, XML, PDF, TIFF, or text).

  • formats documents using:
    • style sheets for modification of display attributes such as fonts, background images, and page setup while preserving the original document structure
    • forms to restructure original document layout by applying constant or variable information to designated areas on a form template and incorporating graphical elements for a forms overlay. 
    • all of the above using integrated Crystal Reports (included)
  • DeliveryWare's Rule Designer has a convenient test mode allowing administrators to immediately verify that the rules they create produce the desired results including formatting, delivery, and notification. The same Rules Designer is used for working with inbound document processing including faxes, emails, or any document image.

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