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Document Process Automation

Enhanced document management and document process automation are the overall goals of any organization striving to cut costs and add efficiencies and value to document-based business processes. 

Going from manual paper-handling processes to technology enhanced and automated processes consists of a combination of technology and reevaluating business processes themselves to maximize the technology impact.

Some of the basic paper-based processes that can be targeted for automation are:
  • production and delivery of printed and electronic documents such as purchase orders, RFQs, order acknowledgements, invoices, statements, and remittance advice

  • electronic and paper-based document delivery via fax, email, and Web

  • document receipt and response gathering in support of business processes such as order confirmations, ship notices, and vendor invoices

  • routing and automated data entry of received paper and electronic documents such as purchase orders, vendor invoices, and order confirmations

  • electronic storage and retrieval of documents

  • Merkur's technology solutions including DeliveryWareWebDelivery, and ReadSoft, combined with extensive integration and implementation experience in some of the world's most demanding enterprises,  allow us to consistently delight our many satisfied customers

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