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Electronic Document Delivery

Implementing electronic document delivery with DeliveryWare and WebDelivery allow you to streamline and automate virtually any of your existing document intensive processes and finally be able to produce and manage all of the electronic documents your company sends and receives.

Existing documents can be captured, visually enhanced, processed into different formats based on document data and recipient need, and then delivered via the appropriate method. Incoming emails, faxes, Web forms, and XML transactions can be monitored, processed, responses automatically generated, and work flow initiated.

Some of the Document Delivery Issues Merkur's Solutions Solve
  • Not being able to effectively and promptly handle supplier and customer communications is diminishing competitive advantage and costing business.

  • Manually mailing, faxing, and emailing business documents is inefficient and time consuming.

  • Manual routing, storage, and data entry of received faxes, emails and Web forms is inefficient, time consuming, and prone to errors.

  • Using pre-printed forms or using raw, unprofessional documents generated by business applications is inefficient and does not project a good company image.

  • Not knowing if a document you sent was received and processed by the intended recipient causes order delays and delayed payments.

  • Not taking advantage of the Internet for fast, secure, business communications is costing your company millions.

  • Not being able to produce, send, and receive XML transactions is costing your company millions costing you customers.

  • Manual storage and retrieval of documents is inefficient and time consuming.
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    Communicate With Everyone

    To be successful today, you need to communicate with your customers and suppliers via the channels they utilize in their infrastructure. Merkur Group e-Document delivery solutions support a heterogeneous method of distributing information by taking advantage of traditional and Internet based communication methods such as email, fax, and the Web.

    Automate and Save

    Integrated e-Document delivery of business documents such as purchase orders, invoices, order acknowledgments, and others offers significant cost savings over traditional methods. Productivity enhancements for those employees no longer having to manually mail or fax printed documents is immeasurable.

    Merkur Group e-Document Delivery solutions allow you to:
  • save money and streamline business processes by automating document delivery via fax, email, and Web-delivery instead of manual processes

  • automate the delivery of documents such as purchase orders, order acknowledgments, and invoices, and improve supplier and customer relations

  • intelligently process, respond, and route incoming email, Web forms, and XML information

  • intelligently route incoming faxes directly to any email inbox, workflow, or archive solution

  • automatically produce Web forms and monitor responses

  • capture information from virtually any core business application — front office, back office, customer service, supply chain, or enterprise system

  • format/transform output into any electronic format — HTML, XML, email, PDF, print, fax, or SMS

  • deliver documents to any recipient via print, fax, email, web post, or EDI / XML

  • enable ERP and CRM applications such as Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, Baan, and any others to deliver documents electronically.
  • Contact Merkur Group today to learn more about streamlining document-intensive processes and to discuss your specific needs.