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Enterprise Wide Fax Automation

DeliveryWare is an enterprise wide fax software solution that can be used to automate document delivery between customers, business partners, and your suppliers.  Whether you are looking for a company-wide production fax server, a solution to send and receive faxes from Microsoft Office or any desktop application,  Lotus Notes or Microsoft Exchange, or a solution to send and receive fax within an ERP or legacy system, Merkur Group has the right solution to automate your fax communication.

Features Include
  • Save money and streamline business processes by automating document delivery via fax instead of manual faxing or mailing through post office

  • Centrally manage all outgoing and received faxes.

  • Ability to integrate into any multifunction device

  • Receive email notification that your faxed document made it to its destination

  • Rule designer that allows business rules to be created to handle inbound and outbound faxing needs

  • Automate the delivery of documents such as purchase orders, order acknowledgments, and invoices from an ERP or legacy system

  • Format ERP output documents with logos, bar codes, fonts, highlights, and add attachments such as terms and conditions or reformat using the integrated Crystal Reports
    (included with DeliveryWare)

  • Intelligently route incoming faxes directly to any email inbox, through workflow, and archive

  • Extract information from received faxes for routing, database update, storage

  • Fax from any platform including Windows NT, Windows Server 2000/2003, UNIX, Linux, Mainframe, AS/400

  • Fax from any desktop application

  • Fax from Outlook and Lotus Notes

  • Fax from ERP and CRM applications such as Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, Baan, or any legacy application

  • Provide an audit trail of all sent and received faxes
  • Merkur Group and automated the fax processes of many organizations across many industries. To learn more, contact Merkur Group for a live Web demonstration and to discuss your fax automation needs with the Merkur Group experts.