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Hosted EDI Services

Hosted EDI services can either augment your current EDI translator solution or provide a non-translator method for doing EDI with customers and suppliers.

If you already do EDI, we can help you do EDI with 100% of your trading partners with Web EDI for those trading partners who can't or won't invest in an EDI translator and lower your Value Added Network fees with the EnterpriseEC Internet VAN.

If you don't currently do EDI but need to do so with one or twenty thousand trading partners, our hosted EDI services allow you to send any data type (text, XML, SAP iDOCS, etc.) and have it converted to EDI and sent to trading partners. Received EDI transactions are converted back to your preferred data type and delivered to your back-office/accounting systems.

Your Enterprise                                                               Your Trading Partners


EnterpriseEC® is an internet-based Electronic Trading Network (ETN) that combines secure electronic document delivery with a web-based interface to manage trading partnerships and transactions. EnterpriseEC® leverages the internet to reduce cost, increase visibility, and maximize the benefits of conducting business electronically.

For Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), data has traditionally been sent and received using proprietary, private networks. These networks, known as Value-Added Networks (VANs), provide trading communities with a secure, store-and-forward method of conducting Business-to-Business Electronic Commerce.

Many organizations that have historically used VAN services are now leveraging the internet as a platform to cost-effectively conduct EDI with customers, suppliers, and other business partners. They are finding that in addition to lowering the cost of EDI, the internet offers increased control and visibility of managing EDI relationships.

EnterpriseEC® exemplifies the benefits of leveraging the internet to Connect, Integrate, Manage, Expand, and Validate EDI trading communities.


Hosted Data Translation

Expanding the value of EDI is the primary goal of our integration services. Regardless of company size, our integration solutions help you avoid manual re-keying of data to reduce labor costs and transaction processing errors by integrating data directly with business applications.

Hosted Data Translation provides an outsourced any-to-any data mapping service that lets our customers focus on their business, not EDI issues. When a trading partner changes their EDI requirements, our experienced team of experts take care of ensuring that all necessary changes are handled in a timely manner.

Used in conjunction with EnterpriseEC® and ValidateEC, Hosted Data Translation provides an optimal solution for alleviating the cost and time associated with managing EDI in-house.


Edict Systems is a leading provider of web-based EDI solutions. In production since 1999, our web EDI platform provides the most cost-effective and user-friendly solution for processing EDI documents. Our web EDI services process billions of dollars worth of purchase orders every year and are ideal for small and medium size companies that have low-volume EDI requirements.

All that is needed to use web EDI is a current browser version and internet access. There is no software to download or install, which allows our customers to process their EDI documents from anywhere. 

Rather than create a "one size fits all" solution for web EDI, we tailor our solutions to support multiple vertical industries in order to provide an optimal solution that accommodates each industry's unique requirements. We also provide for those industries that are not supported within our vertical industry sites.



ValidateEC is a hosted solution that provides an external business rule engine to assure that data integrity is maintained and that only data that meets specific criteria is passed to internal systems for integration.

Business rules can be designed, tested against historical data, and implemented within hours instead of weeks or months. Regardless of the complexity of the business rule, ValidateEC eliminates the time-consuming task of validating data internally. Data that does not meet the required business rules is:

  • Accepted with notification to the sender

  • Rejected back to the sender with notification to both the sender and receiver

  • Pending awaiting approval by the receiver

  • Fully automated e-mail alerts and/or EDI Application Advice transactions (824) can be provided for all discrepancies.

By leveraging the power of ValidateEC, a significant amount of time and resources can be reduced by outsourcing the data validation process.


Trading Partner Ramping Services

Edict Systems provides Trading Community Ramping services that quickly and cost effectively increase the number of participants in a trading community. Our community ramping services include: 
  • Web-based testing and certification services to get trading partners on board quickly and with a dramatic reduction in the resources needed by community sponsors.

  • Web-based ramping Extranet to allow community sponsors to monitor all trading partner activity and to collaborate with our ramping team to ensure the fastest, most cost-effective way to achieve success.

  • Trading partner information Web-site to provide sponsor-specific business and technical information so new and existing trading partners have the information they need to minimize the time and effort necessary to participate in the trading community.

This comprehensive solution allows a company to maintain control of important initiatives while accelerating the addition of a significant number of EDI compliant trading partners resulting in rapid ROI from existing investments.

Contact Merkur Group today to learn more about streamlining document-intensive processes and to discuss your specific needs.