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Merkur Group has successfully automated faxing for Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes users can now can now take advantage of fax automation. Merkur Group provides DeliveryWare, a certified Notes fax solution, to enable Lotus Notes users to send and receive faxes directly to or from the Notes users' familiar interface. 

DeliveryWare for Notes allow you to:

  • save money and streamline business processes by automating document delivery via fax instead of manual faxing

  • use your familiar Notes desktop to compose, send, and receive faxes

  • receive email notification that your faxed document made it to its destination

  • receive incoming faxes directly to any inbox

  • pure Notes fax server solution, incorporating Lotus interface and Notes-based administration

  • monitor and control fax delivery through Notes databases

  • integrate seamlessly with Notes-based logging for comprehensive reporting of all fax traffic

  • by keeping faxes in the Domino environment as long as possible, DeliveryWare takes
    advantage of Domino’s security, administration and customization capabilities

  • DeliveryWare fully supports Notes-based clustering, including failover for enterprise-wide faxing with maximum availability and fault tolerance

  • iNotes support allowing users to send faxes with the fax request form through a Web client (IBM Lotus Domino Web Access)

  • fax preview enables users to see the page layout of their fax prior to sending
  • fax approval allows Lotus Notes administrators to configure a queue for manager approval before sending the fax

  • fully integrated help database allows users to find help documentation through their Notes interface 
  • Integration and Services - Merkur Group helps you unlock the power of DeliveryWare by providing seamless integration into Outlook along with comprehensive professional services, including installation, integration, training, and customization.

    Contact Merkur Group today to learn more about streamlining document-intensive processes and to discuss your specific needs.