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Merkur Group has successfully automated faxing for Outlook users.

Merkur Group solutions allow Microsoft Exchange/Outlook users to send or receive faxes automatically — directly to or from their familiar Exchange/Outlook interface. These solutions are pre-integrated with Exchange/Outlook and are ready for implementation.

DeliveryWare is a certified Outlook/Exchange fax solution.

Merkur Group Fax Automation solutions for Outlook allow you to:
  • save money and streamline business processes by automating document delivery via fax instead of manual faxing

  • use your familiar Outlook desktop to compose, send, and receive faxes

  • receive email notification that your faxed document made it to its destination

  • receive incoming faxes directly to any email inbox

  • sending faxes is as easy as sending emails

  • automatic routing of incoming faxes to individuals

  • DeliveryWare users can select fax numbers from global, contact, or personal fax/email address books

  • fax receipt notification

  • fax status is maintained for each fax to provide immediate feedback to users as DeliveryWare processes and sends the message

  • no separate fax client to install because the Exchange Connector enables direct fax-server-to-mail-server communication

  • comprehensive administration through the Exchange Administrator, which manages users’ defaults and rights, inbound destinations, fax server locations, Least Cost Routing and Load Balancing, and log levels 

  • Microsoft clustering support simplifies the Exchange installation and configuration process
  • Integration and Services

    Merkur Group helps you unlock the power of DeliveryWare by providing seamless integration into Outlook along with comprehensive professional services, including installation, integration, training, and customization.

    Contact Merkur Group today to learn more about streamlining document-intensive processes and to discuss your specific needs.