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“Merkur Group is a certified vendor with PeopleSoft with hundreds of satisfied customers… the choice was fairly easy.”

- Children’s Hospital Boston

PeopleSoft Document Automation Solutions Overview

Merkur Group has successfully enabled many PeopleSoft users to automate document intensive processes.  Merkur solutions allow PeopleSoft users to produce, send, receive, store, and process electronic documents effectively and efficiently.

As a proud member of the Oracle Partner Network (formerly the PeopleSoft Alliance Program) for 10 years, Merkur Group provides solutions that automate document-based processes such as sending, receiving, and storing electronic business documents.

Merkur solutions for PeopleSoft automate the manual document handling aspects of:
  • PeopleSoft Purchasing - fax, email, and Web deliver POs and RFQs

  • PeopleSoft Payables - automate imaging, approval routing, and input of vendor invoices

  • PeopleSoft Billing and Receivables - fax, email, and Web deliver invoices, statements, and Dunning letters

  • PeopleSoft Order Management - automate order entry and order acknowledgement delivery

  • Report/Information Distribution - fax, email, and Web deliver any PeopleSoft reports       
  • PeopleSoft and Merkur Group have co-developed specific document delivery integrations for several Supply Chain Management and Financial Management Solutions modules to provide seamless, automatic, and manageable, fax, email, and Web-based delivery of PeopleSoft documents.  Many of these integrations are delivered along with standard PeopleSoft product distributions.

    Merkur document automation solutions are the most widely used by PeopleSoft sites worldwide.
       Duke Energy uses Merkur integrated with PeopleSoft to automatically fax and email purchase orders and invoices.
       GrafTech International uses Merkur solutions with PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne to automatically format, print, fax, and email purchase orders and invoices.
       Hilton Hotels uses Merkur solutions to automatically fax and email purchase orders and invoices directly from PeopleSoft.
    Oakwood Healthcare System uses Merkur solutions  to automate invoice and purchase order delivery from PeopleSoft.
       The Ohio State University uses Merkur solutions  to automatically fax, email, and manage purchase orders sent directly from PeopleSoft.
    Pierre Foods uses Merkur solutions with PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne to automatically format and print checks, and fax and email purchase orders and invoices.
       Pepsi Americas uses Merkur to automate delivery of statements and Dunning letters.

    Merkur solutions capture PeopleSoft application documents (text, PCL, PostScript, PDF, or XML) and deliver single or batch documents automatically.  Merkur solutions are pre-integrated and available for PeopleSoft and EnterpriseOne and ready for implementation without extensive modification to core PeopleSoft processes or software.

    Merkur Group's PeopleSoft solutions allow you to:
  • improve document-based process efficiency by automating the production, delivery, and management of PeopleSoft documents and reports

  • automatically fax, email, and Web deliver documents such as purchase orders, invoices, and sales order acknowledgements directly from PeopleSoft using existing vendor/customer contact records or ad-hoc destination

  • automate the data entry and approval routing of invoices and sales orders

  • receive notification that your fax, email, or Web document was delivered or confirmed

  • reformat PeopleSoft output (text, XML, PCL, PDF) to produce professional looking business documents without SQR programming

  • provide secure Web-based access to PeopleSoft documents to customers, suppliers, and users

  • easily manage and confirm delivered documents

  • receive and automatically process incoming faxes and documents or intelligently route to Outlook and Notes users

  • archive PeopleSoft produced documents
  • You're in good company when you trust Merkur Group with your document process automation needs. Here are a few PeopleSoft users who have.

  • American Family Insurance
  • Bausch & Lomb
  • Broadcom
  • Children's Hospital Boston
  • Choice Hotels
  • City/County of Denver
  • Corning
  • Dow Jones
  • Duke Energy
  • Hilton Hotels
  • Ohio State University
  • PeopleSoft, Inc. 
  • Pepsi Americas
  • Qualcomm
  • Sick Children's Toronto
  • State of Montana
  • Sylvan Learning Systems
  • Temple University
  • Toyota
  • PeopleSoft Integrations and Services  

    Merkur Group can help you unlock the power of document automation solutions by providing seamless integration with any PeopleSoft Enterprise or EnterpriseOne application along with comprehensive professional services, including installation, integration, training, and customization.  Merkur's PeopleSoft integrations can also work with many 3rd party fax server and document management solutions.

    Contact Merkur Group today to learn more about streamlining document-intensive processes and to discuss your specific needs.