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Document Process Automation Solutions

Merkur Group helps its customers in many industries eliminate business communication issues and to take advantage of the cost savings and efficiencies available through more effective delivery and receipt of business documents and information.

Send business documents via cloud fax or mail services directly from desktop or enterprise applications. Merkur Group offers both on-demand and on-premise solutions to automate document delivery. Seamlessly integrated into any business environment and available 24/7, Merkur solutions deliver real-time processing and tracking with the benefits of a worldwide production facility network.

Regardless of document or data type, Merkur Group solutions and expertise can help you process, communicate, and store this business-critical information. A unique combination of industry leading technology, integration and implementation services, and outstanding customer support allows Merkur Group to consistently exceed customer expectations and demonstrate anticipated solution ROI.


What business problems do Merkur solutions solve?

Many organizations today have a staggering amount of inbound and outbound electronic business communications channels and
document types. Merkur Group solutions help you cost effectively produce, deliver, manage, capture, and store these business-critical documents and data  making communication with suppliers, customers, and partners a seamless and integral part of daily operations.


A server-based on premise technology platform that provides multi-channel document delivery, receipt, workflow, storage, and management all in one technology platform.  Captures, transforms, customizes and delivers documents to rules-based destinations including print, fax, email, Web, mobile, and XML.

Receives faxes, email attachments, and scanned documents, captures image data, and provides Web-based workflow, archiving, and management.  DeliveryWare can link to mail servers, business applications, networks and multiple hosts, adding value to ERP solutions by enabling automated document delivery and document capture for streamlined supply chain communication and shorter business transaction cycle times.

Easily integrates with any application or platform and provides management of all electronic document exchange with customers, suppliers, and partners.

Merkur Group’s hosted, Cloud on Demand service delivers the flexibility, performance and reliability businesses running business applications need - with no hardware or software investment. Companies benefit from seamless and secure integration with ERP applications such as PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP, and others, real-time fax status notification and 24x7x365 availability.

Documents are transmitted from your business applications to our production facility and received by a multitenant DeliveryWare platform through an authenticated, encrypted and secured connection. Once the document is delivered, a document status is fed into your business application, updated in real-time and visible to users.


WebDelivery provides hosted, web-based document access and delivery service specifically designed for delivery and receipt confirmation, sharing and collaboration, and management of fixed content documents such as purchase orders, RFQs, invoices, statements, reports, drawings, images, etc. 

Secure, self-help document access portal for customers, suppliers, and partners. 

Provides invoice and sales order capture, management, and integration with accounts payable and ERP systems. Paper, fax, and email invoices are captured, intelligently identified by supplier, data extracted (including line items), and provided to ERP systems, document management, and workflow applications. 
Our hosted EDI services allow you to send any data type (text, XML, SAP iDOCS, etc.) and have it converted to EDI and sent to trading partners.

Oracle E-Business Suite - Integrations with EBS providing document process automation including document formatting, delivery, receipt, workflow, and archiving. Specific integrations available for Oracle applications including purchasing, receivables, order management, and accounts payable.  

- Available integrations for PeopleSoft Enterprise and EnterpriseOne providing document process automation including document formatting, delivery, receipt, workflow, and archiving.  Specific integrations available for PeopleSoft applications including purchasing, billing, receivables, order management, and accounts payable.

SAP - Certified integrations (BC-CON and BC-XOM) for automated fax and email delivery of any SAP documents including POs, invoices, statements, and more. Native IDoc support for data exchange.

Baan - Integrations with Baan IV and BaanERP providing document process automation including document formatting, delivery, receipt, workflow, and archiving.  Specific integrations available for Baan applications including purchasing and billing.

Microsoft - Exchange and Outlook integrations for desktop faxing and workflow. 

Lotus Notes - Certified integrations for desktop faxing and workflow.

Examples of Document-intensive Process Problems Merkur Group Solutions Solve 
  • No centralized management, routing, visibility, and storage of incoming and outgoing documents and transactions.

  • Manual outbound faxing and emailing of documents such as purchase orders invoices, and statements is inefficient and time consuming. 

  • Manual routing, storage, and data entry of received fax documents and scanned documents are inefficient, time consuming, and prone to errors. 

  • Manual processing and responding to supplier and customer communications via fax, email, and Web forms, is inefficient and time consuming. 

  • Using pre-printed forms or using raw, unprofessional documents generated by business applications is inefficient and does not project a good company image. 

  • Not knowing if a document you sent via mail, fax, or email was received and processed by the intended recipient causes order delays and delayed payments.  

  • Not taking advantage of the Internet for fast, secure business communications is costing your company millions. 
  • Automate, Communicate More Effectively, and Save

    In order to effectively and efficiently exchange information with suppliers and customers according to the individual needs of each, organizations must move beyond traditional document delivery means such as postal mail and manual faxing into more dynamic, content and recipient-sensitive document delivery and receipt. Doing so reaps huge productivity enhancements, cost savings, and customer-supplier relations.

    Merkur solutions allow you to:
  • Automate manual, document-intensive processes to allow employees to engage in higher value activities, lower costs, simplify and optimize business processes

  • Expand the capabilities of existing systems and simplify IT resources to meet ever-changing customer and supplier communication demands

  • Provide multi-channel delivery, receipt, and workflow capabilities for ERP, SCM, and CRM applications such as Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, Baan, or any application

  • Automatically produce, customize, transform, and deliver electronic documents from any source application or data type including text, XML, EDI, PDF, PCL, PostScript, and document images

  • Provide secure, Web-based document delivery and recipient feedback for back-office applications and desktop users 

  • Capture and automatically update business applications with incoming (postal mail, email, fax) invoice and purchase order data without manual data entry 

  • Automate the manual process of faxing purchase orders, invoices, or any document from ERP and CRM systems, desktops, and Outlook / Lotus Notes

  • Exchange documents based on the capabilities of customers and suppliers, including fax, email, Web, EDI, or XML 

  • Automatically receive, route, process, and act on incoming faxes, emails, Web, or any electronic communications
  • Contact Merkur Group today to learn more about streamlining document-intensive processes and to discuss your specific needs.