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Secure Document Delivery

Document delivery, receipt confirmation, and feedback is at the heart of most business processes today. Many companies rely on inefficient manual methods such as mail or manual fax to send business-critical information.  Even with recent productivity improvements with fax automation and email, many document-based delivery problems such as lack of document management, no receipt confirmation, and security issues, still exist.

The challenge is to automatically and securely produce and deliver high volumes of business documents (invoices, purchase orders, statements, reports, etc.) and provide visibility and management of documents in a way that enhances business processes for both sender and recipient.

Problems Solved with Secure Delivery of Documents
  • Lost or undelivered documents cause needless business process delays.

  • Not securing and confirming document receipt by suppliers and customer raises compliance concerns.

  • Manual paper-handling processes are inefficient and unmanageable.

  • Inability of document recipients to provide immediate feedback and confirm receipt of a received document causes delays and unnecessary phone calls.

  • Manual transaction responses by postal mail, email, and fax, are time consuming for both sender and recipient.

  • Merkur's WebDelivery is a hosted service providing secure, Web-based document access, delivery, and management services to any document recipient having access to email and a Web browser. WebDelivery allows both document senders and recipients to easily view and print documents, confirm and comment on documents, and search and review historical transactions.  A co-branded WebDelivery site can be up and running in a matter of hours providing immediate, seamless, and secure document delivery.

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