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Secure Document Delivery 

WebDeliveryTM streamlines document-based business processes and eliminates lost documents, delays, and help desk calls, by providing immediate, eb-based distribution and access to documents.

Unlike static document repositories, WebDeliveryTM is designed to ensure recipients are notified and receive documents based on sender authorized delivery options, time requirements, and document lifecycle. Unique WebDeliveryTM recipient accounts and multiple delivery options provide document senders and recipients with manageable, flexible, document delivery and secure Web-based access to documents.

Document recipients only need email and a Web browser to use WebDeliveryTM. Recipients and senders can securely log into the WebDelivery from anywhere to view, manage, collaborate, and confirm the receipt of documents. 

Additional document delivery methods including secure and direct email link, and email attachment provide document delivery flexibility and ensures document receipt.

WebDeliveryTM Features
  • Dramatic improvements in efficiency and delivery costs for document-intensive business processes

  • Seamless, secure delivery of documents from back-office and desktop applications

  • Secure Web-based document access and management for recipients and senders

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive, ultra-thin Web interface requiring no proprietary plug-ins 

  • Alternative (in addition to the Web interface viewing/download), rules-based document delivery channels including secure and direct email link, and email attachment

  • Provides secure document portal access for DeliveryWare produced documents

  • Customizable alerts, notifications, and reports of document activity via email for users and back-office application confirmations

  • Confirmation of document receipt with optional web forms for structured reply

  • Co-branded, hosted, subscription service requiring no software investment, hardware, or long term obligation
  • Solving Document Delivery and Confirmation Problems

    Delivering business documents through traditional manual and paper-intensive processes can increase costs, produce delays, and affect the security of your business transactions. Manual fax and postal mail delivery, for example, can result in high postal and personnel costs, lost documents, and business process delays.  And while more recent document delivery methods (email and automated fax) are a great improvement, they still often produce similar results due to undelivered faxes and emails, lack of automated follow-up, and the introduction of manual ntervention into the process.

    Immediate, Seamless, and Secure e-Document Delivery

    WebDeliveryTM is a hosted, Web-based document delivery, management and collaboration service that allows you to provide your suppliers, customers, and employees with immediate, secure and personalized delivery of business documents using only a Web browser. 

    WebDeliveryTM is used for any volumes of business-to-business transactional documents such purchase orders, RFQs, invoices, statements, schedules, reports, or any application-generated documents. And, any desktop produced documents such as contracts and drawings can be sent to WebDeliveryTM recipients using secure Web form or desktop email programs such as Outlook and Notes. 

    Document recipients see documents delivered to them and are able to view, respond, query, set document status, and collaborate with senders.The recipient account can have one or several members and a recipient member administrator. 


    Document senders see documents from a sender's perspective. Depending on their configurable permissions, they are able to see and manage documents and recipient accounts/members.

    WebDelivery'sTM ultra-thin Web interface along with email notifications, alerts, and automatic reporting, help ensure that business-critical documents are delivered, viewed, and processed.

    Multiple Delivery Channels Ensure Receipt

    WebDeliveryTM provides five methods by which documents can be delivered to the intended recipient.  The document sender specifies delivery method with the document submission or provides appropriate options and lets recipients decide.  Regardless of delivery method, both sender and recipient can manage documents anytime using WebDelivery'sTM Web interface. The delivery options include:
  • WebDeliveryTM Portal - Seen above. Document recipients securely log into their specific recipient account using the WebDelivery Web interface to view and manage documents.

  • Secure Email Link - An email with hyperlink prompts the recipient to view document.  The recipient supplies WebDelivery login id and password and document is downloaded/displayed.

  • Direct Email Link - Same as Secure Email Link but no id and password are required to view document.

  • Email Attachment - An email with document attachment is sent to the recipient.
  • Flexible, Multipurpose Web-based Document Access
    and Delivery

    WebDeliveryTM provides a wide range of document access, delivery, and confirmation capabilities that dramatically enhance business processes. Some examples are: 
  • Purchasing - Deliver and receive order confirmations for purchase orders, change orders, schedules, and RFQs

  • Billing - Deliver and receive receipt confirmation of invoices and statements

  • Report Distribution - Internal and external document distribution to employees and partners

  • Secure Document Delivery - Securely deliver and confirm receipt of sensitive documents such as patient information, contracts, agreements, or any sensitive information

  • Self-Service Document Portal - Automatically provide the latest information and historical documents to suppliers, customers, and employees

  • Hardcopy/Images to Web - Use scanner and MFP devices to instantly make documents  available to one or multiple recipients via the Web

  • Multi-channel Document Delivery - Web deliver or email documents based on sender and recipient preferences

  • Large Documents/Multiple Recipients - Documents too large for email or documents that need to be made available to multiple recipients can be submitted and controlled by WebDelivery 
  • Customizable and Automatically Adjusted Presentation

    The WebDeliveryTM Web interface automatically presents documents based on user function, access rights, type of documents in the account, document status, and others.  WebDeliveryTM is also co-branded so that your customers, suppliers, and employees using the Web interface see it as your own corporate document delivery and management portal.

    Automated PDF Creation and Delivery

    WebDeliveryTM can provide Web-based access and multi-channel delivery for most document types including text, PostScript, PCL, TIFF, Word, etc.). Based on sender or recipient preference, WebDeliveryTM can also convert documents to PDF format for reliable viewing with the  free Adobe Reader. 

    Buy vs. Build

    With IT staffs already stretched thin, the time and cost of in-house development and maintenance of a WebDeliveryTM "like" solution can be prohibitive.  With WebDelivery'sTM multiple, flexible integration methods, companies are delivering documents over the Internet in a matter of hours, not months. WebDeliveryTM is designed, developed, and maintained by document delivery experts with over ten years of production document delivery experience.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    To ensure your complete satisfaction before you implement WebDeliveryTM, Merkur Group offers no-charge proof of concepts and pilots with a subset of your document recipients. This allows you to test WebDeliveryTM before rolling it out to all of your recipients. Simply contact Merkur Group  and start offering Web-based document delivery today.

    Contact Merkur Group today to learn more about streamlining document-intensive processes and to discuss your specific needs.