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Why Choose Merkur Group?

Merkur Group offers leading products and services that deliver a clear, competitive edge to our customers by automating the electronic production, delivery, receipt, and storage of business documents. We are driven to ensure that our customers experience levels of customer care that rival the quality of our technology.

To that end, we support our technology with a core infrastructure of services that deliver superior customer care to every Merkur Group customer.
  • Solutions that dramatically improve document intensive business processes and offer clear, rapid, return on investment.

  • Solutions that eliminate manual, document-intensive processes allowing employees to engage in higher value activities that contribute to enterprise success, lower costs, and streamline processes.

  • Solutions that provide a path for growth in document delivery and receipt capabilities as your business needs change.  With fax automation, Web-based document delivery, EDI and XML exchange, and archive solutions, you can easily expand capabilities as needs arise.

  • Industry leading technology and innovation centered around helping companies communicate more effectively and efficiently with customers and suppliers.
  • Partnerships, integrations, and certifications with leading application providers to help ensure compatibility and maximize value.

  • A ten year history rich in knowledge, experience, and success taking care of our customers, large and small.

  • Dedicated professionals in our sales, support, services, development, and administrative teams who work together to ensure every Merkur Group customer is delighted with the solution results.
  • Great Technology, Services, and Support

    Merkur Group solutions are backed by a full range of services and outstanding technical support, including 24X7 and remote, to ensure fast, risk-free implementation, with minimal impact on your staff and operations. These services are delivered by professionals with extensive experience in all aspects of project management, software implementation, training, and support.

    A Technology Partner that Cares About Your Success

    From the moment you choose Merkur Group as your technology partner, we work hard to ensure that every aspect of the implemented solution is carried out with a level of professionalism and results that delights our customers.


    For more than ten years, the Merkur Group has helped organizations improve the value of their business applications including ERP systems such as SAP, Baan, PeopleSoft, Oracle, and others with advanced, integrated solutions. From fax automation to e-Document delivery and document archiving, Merkur Group's solution expertise has been sought and utilized by many users in demanding organizations.

    As your organization needs to move beyond traditional business communications vehicles, look to the leaders in integrated fax automation and e-Document delivery solutions. Look to Merkur Group.

    Contact Merkur Group today to learn more about streamlining document-intensive processes and to discuss your specific needs.